S.T.A.T. Advanced MCI Bleed Station

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The Advanced MCI Bleed Station features our Advanced MCI Bleed Kit provided in a convenient and accessible wall mounted enclosure.  The enclosure provides protection and immediate access to the bleeding kits in public areas, similar to an AED or fire extinguisher. This type of station is ideal for schools, businesses, malls, airports, arenas, or parks.

The Advanced MCI Bleeding Kit that is meant for rapid deployment in the event of a Mass Casualty Incident.  The kit provides 6 individual rip-away pouches that can be dispersed to responders, according to their needs. Each MCI kit can treat an average of 12-16 persons or more, depending on the nature of their injuries.

The Advanced MCI Bleed Station contains 6 individual rip-away pouches and a wall mounted enclosure.

Each Pouch Contains...

  • 2 S.T.A.T. Tourniquet
  • 2 Compressed Gauze         
  • 2 Emergency Bandages         
  • 2 Emergency Blanket                 
  • 2 Pairs Nitrile Gloves         
  • 1 Shear

6 Pouches x 11 Products = 66 Total Products!

For maximum hemorrhage control capability, EDR offers a version of the S.T.A.T. MCI Bleed Kit that contains an added (6) packs of Quick Clot Combat Gauze, with (1) pack provided in each pouch.

Quick Clot Combat Gauze is a hemostatic dressing that has been proven to outperform standard gauze in controlling hemorrhage that cannot be controlled by tourniquet or other means.  EDR highly recommends hemostatic dressings be provided in all trauma kits for maximum hemorrhage control capability.