EDC Pocket Trauma Kit

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You never know when you might be faced with a life-threatening trauma to you or another.  Unfortunately very few civilians carry any medical supplies as part of their every day carry (EDC) gear.  Every Day Ready is pleased to offer this pocket-sized trauma kit that provides significant hemorrhage control in a small and cost effective package.

EDC Pocket Trauma Kit contains the following...

  • (1) pair Defender-T Nitrile gloves.  These gloves are strong as steel, very long for coverage, and they are OD green so you can see blood on them.
  • (1) TK4-L Tourniquet by H&H Medical.  This TQ is small and light, but provides a great deal of hemorrhage control with successive wraps of it's strong elastic material.
  • (1) 4" OLAES Bandage by Tac Med Solutions.  The OLAES provides a pressure bandage, an occlusive dressing, and wound-packing gauze all in one package.
  • (1) Compressed gauze for additional hemorrhage control or bandaging.
  • (1) Klever Kutter safety blade to quickly access injuries through clothing.

The entire kit is vacuum sealed into a compact pocket-sized kit. The kit can be carried in a back pocket, in a cargo pocket, in a purse, in a briefcase, in a backpack, or in your vehicle.  Carry it hunting, fishing, at the range, anywhere, everywhere, and every day.

How often can you find kit like this that contains so much life-saving potential, in a package this small, and at such a great price!