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Those going into harms way or into remote areas need a robust IFAK in case of traumatic injury. The Operator IFAK by Every Day Ready is designed to provide the necessary medical supplies to handle trauma involving penetrating injury and hemorrhage. 

Operator IFAK kit contains the following...

  • (2) pr Defender-T Nitrile gloves - These gloves are strong as steel, very long for coverage, and they are OD green so you can see blood on them.
  • (1) TK4-L Tourniquet by H&H Medical - This TQ is small and light, but provides a great deal of hemorrhage control with successive wraps of it's strong elastic material.
  • (1) 4" OLAES Bandage by Tac Med Solutions - The OLAES provides a pressure bandage, an occlusive dressing, and wound-packing gauze all in one package.
  • (2) HyFin Vented Chest Seals by North American Rescue.
  • (1) Nasopharyngeal Airway with lube pack
  • (1) Compressed Gauze for additional hemorrhage control or bandaging.
  • (100") 2" Flat-fold Duct Tape
  • (1) Compressed Elastic Wrap for additional wound wrapping and bandaging.
  • (1) pr 7.25" Trauma Shears to quickly access injuries through clothing.
  • (1) TMS Combat Casualty Card by to record patient information.
  • (1) Sharpie Marker
  • (1) STRIKE Medical Pouch in coyote tan by Blackhawk

Operator IFAK w/Quick Clot kit is the same as the Operator version but with an added pack of LE Quick Clot Combat Gauze added to the kit.

SOF-T Wide Tourniquet Upgrade - Add this upgrade to your cart and receive Tac Med Solutions SOF-T wide tourniquet in place of the standard TK4-L tourniquet in your IFAK.

Operator IFAK Contents Only - Provides only the medical supplies to outfit the operator IFAK.

Note: Every Day Ready recommends that an additional external windlass-tourniquet be carried for self-aid, in addition to any tourniquet provided inside your IFAK.  Your external tourniquet should be carried where you can easily reach it with either hand.  The tourniquet inside your IFAK can serve to treat a second extremity bleed or in cases where two tourniquets are required to stop the bleed.  Additional tourniquets must be purchased separately.

Order your Operator IFAK today so you too can be one step closer to being ready to respond to traumatic injury!